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CMS Lectures

Winter term 2019/2020

AI PlanningProf. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann
Architectural Thinking for Intelligent Systems, Special LectureProf. Dr. Jana Koehler
Cognitive and Cooperative RoboticsDr. Tim Schwartz
Elements of Data Science and Artificial IntelligenceProf. Dr. Vera Demberg, Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Bernt Schiele
Grundlagen der MedieninformatikProf. Dr. Antonio Krüger
Software EngineeringProf. Dr. Sven Apel
Software Engineering Research in the NeuroageProf. Dr. Sven Apel

Summer term 2019

Artificial IntelligenceProf. Dr. Jana Koehler, Dr. Álvaro Torralba
Programmierung 2Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann
Programmierung 2 - VorkursPascal Held, Niklas Metzger
Software-PraktikumProf. Dr. Sven Apel

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