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ChatGPT transcripts

Written: 22.05.2023 15:42 Written By: Pascal Lauer

Dear students,
after our lecture on the advantages and potential pitfalls of LLMs like ChatGPT or CoPilot, we have had the opportunity to review a few student transcripts from ChatGPT sessions. The insights from these transcripts have proven to be immensely valuable in understanding the kinds of questions, concerns and difficulties you may be encountering during the course and when using ChatGPT. In addition to that, it allowed us to observe the benefits some students enjoyed when using ChatGPT.

To further enhance the course and our understanding of your usage of this new technology, we would like to invite you to voluntarily share your ChatGPT transcripts with us. This will enable us to get a clearer perspective on your learning journey and how we can potentially improve our teaching methods and course material.

To share your transcripts, please add a file named chatgpt.log or to the top-level folder of your current project. We would like to emphasize that your decision to share these transcripts can not influence the project evaluation in any negative way. Please also note that you have no obligation to share the logs. Though, you have the obligation to annotate AI generated code as described in this forum post:

P.S. Do not forget about the project deadline tomorrow. :)

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