First Lecture & Preliminaries

Written on 13.04.2023 14:11 by Pascal Lauer

Dear students,
this is a reminder that the first lecture will be tomorrow, April 14th, at 8:30 in Building E2.2, the Günter Hotz Lecture Hall.

The first lecture will begin with an overview and address organizational matters. We would like to to highlight two important points beforehand:

  • Please review your tutorial preferences on your personal status page. Last Friday, we made changes to allow you to specify your language preference. If you had previously submitted your preferences, you have to readjust them using the new format. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  • This only concerns you if you are using a Mac M1 System that is not capable of using the virtual machine (VM):
    It appears that using virtualization on a Mac with an M1 chip is becoming increasingly difficult. Even utilizing the provided Docker container appears not be the most convenient solution for most Mac M1 users. However, as a Unix-based system, MacOs should offer a similar experience to our virtual machine. Hence, we will offer support to the best of our abilities, in getting your projects up and running on these systems. Please refer to this forum post for first steps. 
    Please note that you won't need to use the VM during the lecture, but it will be required for projects and to act as platform to explore anything newly learned your own. We wanted to inform you in advance to prevent any further inconvenience.

See you tomorrow
The Prog2 Team

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