Room changes next week

Written on 05.05.2023 11:28 by Pascal Lauer

Dear students,
as our university will host the Eurographics 2023 conference next week, there are some changes in our room/lecture hall assignments. This affects the lecture, the project presentation and the tutorials in room 206, E1 1 (Tutorial 6 and 13). The location in the calendar and the room on your personal status page is updated accordingly. Note that these changes are for next week only.

Here are the updates in one place:

  • The lecture will be in E2 5, Hörsaal 0.1
  • The project presentation will be in E2 5, Hörsaal 0.1
  • Tutorial 6 (Vianney Jerry Tchouwa Takou, Wednesday, 12:00) will be in 007, E2 1 
  • Tutorial 13 (Christopher Cohnen, Wednesday, 14:00) will be in E.04, E2 6 

In addition to that we would like to bring your attention the following forum post: (We decided to simplify the test for task 3 in the project. You can read more in the forum post.)

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