Programming 2 Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann Basic Lecture (9 CP), Summer Semester 2023


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Important notes for this semester

  • The first lecture will take place on April 14. 
  • Starting from this year Programming 2 will be a requirement for the Software Engineering Lab.


About the Lecture


This lecture deals with the basics of imperative/object-oriented programming. To this end, Java is primarily used as a programming language. In this lecture, you will learn:


  • how imperative/object-oriented programs are executed on modern computers.
  • to write small programs in C.
  • to implement and test medium-sized object-oriented software systems in Java.
  • how to familiarize yourself with a new imperative/object-oriented programming language in a couple of days to get involved in an existing project.




Examination Regulations


There are six programming projects which you work on during the course of the lecture. You need at least 30% of the points in the first five projects to obtain the admission for the end-of-term exam. The programming projects will be worked on by each student individually. Working in groups is not tolerated.


In addition to the practical projects, we will hold minitests. You also need at least 50% of the points in the minitests to be admitted to the end-of-term exam. The minitests will take place right before the tutorial every other week. To find out on which dates minitests will take place, please refer to the calendar.


There will be one end-of-term, for which we also offer a re-exam. The dates of the exams are noted in the calendar. You may partake in both the end-of-term exam as well as the re-exam. The better grade of both exams will count towards the final grade. Passing one of the two exams is required to pass the course.


The final grade is calculated in equal parts from the projects and the exam grade. It is calculated as follows:


K = maxPointsExam;
k = max(pointsExam1, pointsExam2) / K;
p = min(pointsProjects, 100) / 100;
q = 0.5 * (k + p);
passed = k >= 0.5 && q >= 0.5;


The final grade will be interpolated linearly from q∈[0.5, 1.0].






The lecture as well as tutorials and office hours will be held in presence. Additionally, we will offer a livestream of the lecture. You will find links to the online lectures in the CMS under Information > Materials (when logged in).


If changes to the organization of lecture arise due to changes in university policies, we will inform you about it here.


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