Registration for the Midterm

Written on 07.12.2023 09:08 by Marcel Ullrich

Dear students,

The midterm exam will take place on Saturday, December 16. This is a reminder that you have to register for this exam on your personal status page until Sunday, December 10, 23:59, if you want to participate.
The registration only takes place in the CMS. An exam registration in LSF or VIPA/FlexNow is neither sufficient nor necessary for the midterm!

Please note that you will need to pass the midterm exam with 30% of the points to get admitted to the final exam.

The midterm exam is expected to start at 9:59 am.
You should arrive at least 15 minutes early to ensure a smooth start.
We will announce further details in due time.

Kind regards,
Your Programming 1 team

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