Exam Regularities

There are two exams, the midterm and the endterm.
For the endterm, there is a retake. If you attend both the exam and the retake, the better grade counts.

Mock-Exam Midterm: Saturday, 2nd December 2023
Midterm: Saturday, 16th December 2023
Endterm: Saturday, 24th February 2024
Endterm retake: Thursday, 28th March 2024

Admission and Grading

Everyone is admitted to the midterm.
To be admitted to the endterm, you have to get 30% of the midterm points and get at least 50% of the points of all tests.

If you are admitted to the endterm and pass the exam (or the retake), your grade is the best of both endterm attempts.


To take part in the mock exam, you have to achieve 30% in the tests up to the mock exam (first three tests).

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