Programming 1 is a presence lecture. Attending the lecture, active participation in the tutorials, and studying on your own is expected to pass the course.
We offer additional help for instance in the form of office hours.

The up-to-date time slots are noted in the timetable.


Time: Tuesday 14:15 - 16:00, Thursday 10:15 - 12:00
Place: E2 2 - Lecture Hall 0.01 Günter-Hotz lecture hall

The lecture is held in presence in the lecture hall. During the lecture, you can ask questions.


Time: Wednesday, slots: 8-10, 12-14, 14-16, 16-18
Place: see your personal status page

In the tutorial, the material from the previous week is practiced. (Last week's Tuesday and Thursday lecture.)
A focus is on the topics covered in the last exercise sheet.

Update: See the current news.

Among other things, the weekly exercise sheet is discussed in the tutorials.
This sheet is published every Thursday after the lecture here in the CMS under
Materials. The exercise sheet serves to deepen and practice the contents of the lecture. To pass the
lecture, it is essential that you work thoroughly on the exercise sheet. In the tutorial you can ask
questions, important tasks will be discussed, and you can deepen the material with additional tasks.
During the first week of the lecture, you can select a preferred slot in the CMS on your personal status page.
We will try to schedule you according to your wishes. Your assigned tutor will be available during the lecture period to give you advice and support.

Office Hour

Time: Monday 12:00, Tuesday 12:00, Thursday 14:00, Friday 14:00
Place: Mon SR 206 E1 1, Tue SR 106 E1 1, Thu SR 015 E1 3, Fri SR 015 E1 3

Our Office Hours take place at fixed times several times a week.
At these times, we offer seminar rooms where tutors are there to help you and answer questions.
This can be comprehension problems, questions about alternative solutions to exercises, or more in-depth questions.
You can also use this time to work in small groups with your fellow students on the exercise sheet.

For further questions, take a look at the forum.


At the beginning of each week, the previous topics are tested in a 15-minute test.
You will be informed of the result on your personal status page.
You need sufficient points to be admitted to the Midterm and Endterm.

The test covers the topics after the last test. This usually corresponds to the previous week of lectures (Thu, Tue).

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