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Written on 27.11.2023 14:26 by Marcel Ullrich

Dear students,

the mock exam for the midterm takes place next Saturday (02.12.) at 9:59.
The mock exam is organized by the tutors and is completely voluntary. It is a chance for you to see how exams are conducted at university, under conditions that are as realistic as possible. It does not contribute to the final grade or eligibility for taking exams. The mock exam is entirely created by tutors. Therefore, its content is neither relevant nor irrelevant for the real exam.

The mock exam takes place in the Günther-Hotz lecture hall (E2 2).
Be there 15 minutes ahead of time to ensure a smooth start.
After the registration phase is over, we will assign you a seat.
You will then be able to see your seat assignment on your personal status page in the CMS.
If you want to participate, please be on time and bring your student ID on Saturday. No auxiliary materials (calculator, cheat sheets, …) are allowed.

The mock exam will take around 90 minutes. Afterward, we will present partial solutions for some of the exercises.

The registration for the mock exam was extended until Tuesday, 28.11. 23:59.
Note that for the midterm and endterm, the registration closes one week before the exam 
(or earlier depending on your study regulations).

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Your Prog1 tutors

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