Exam Inspection Different Time Slot

Geschrieben am 18.04.24 von Kristina Schaefer

Unfortunately, the slot for tomorrows exam inspection has to be moved by one hour. The exam inspection will take place tomorrow (19.04.24) from 15:15 to 16:00 in room 4.10 building E.1.7.

Results of the Second Exam + Exam Inspection

Geschrieben am 12.04.24 von Kristina Schaefer

The results of the second exam  have been entered into the CMS. You can nowfind your results on your personal page.


The exam inspecction will take place on April 19th from 2pm - 3 pm in room 4.10 in building E.1.7.

Registration for the second Exam

Geschrieben am 14.03.24 von Kristina Schaefer

The second exam will take place on the 26th of March. In order to take the exam you have to register in LSF. If that is not possible for you, make sure to contact the examination office in time.  A registration in CMS is not necessary. 

Exam Inspection 27.02.24 (tomorrow)

Geschrieben am 26.02.24 von Kristina Schaefer

The inspection for the first exam will take place on the 27.02.24 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. in 4.10 of E.1.7.

Results of the First Exam

Geschrieben am 23.02.24 von Kristina Schaefer

The results of the first exam have been entered into the CMS. You can check your result on your personal status page. 

Too many Qualis Mails

Geschrieben am 05.02.24 von Kristina Schaefer

Due to some technical problems, another round of Qualis Evaluation mails was sent out today. If you recieve one of them, please just ingore them.

Exam Registration

Geschrieben am 05.02.24 von Kristina Schaefer

The first exam will take place on the 22.02.24. In order to take part in the exam, you have to register for the exam in LSF and in the CMS. 

Make sure to register on time before the LSF registration closes.

Room Change for Tutorial on Monday 05.02.24

Geschrieben am 02.02.24 von Kristina Schaefer

Like last time, the next tutorial will take place in room 4.10 in building E.1.7.

Room Change for Tutorial Tomorrow (29.01.24)

Geschrieben am 28.01.24 von Kristina Schaefer

The tutorial tomorrow (29.01.24) will take place in building E.1.7 in room 4.10. 

No Tutorial on Monday

Geschrieben am 19.01.24 von Kristina Schaefer

Since there was no lecture this week, there will not be a tutorial on Monday the 22.01.24.

No lecture today

Geschrieben am 18.01.24 von Kristina Schaefer

Due to the snowy weather there will be no lecture today.

Practical Problem onb Assignment08

Geschrieben am 05.01.24 von Kristina Schaefer

In assignment08 there is a practial problem. If possible please bring a notebook with an environment for running C-code for the tutorial next Monday.

Error in Lecture 9

Geschrieben am 22.12.23 von Kristina Schaefer

In the example on slide 18 of lecture 9, there was a mistake. You can now find a corrected version of the slides for lecture 9 in the materials section of the CMS.

Next Tutorial and Lecture

Geschrieben am 22.12.23 von Kristina Schaefer

As there will be the christmas break next week, there will be no lecture or tutorial. The next lecture takes place on the 4th of January 2024 and the next tutorial on the 8th of January.

Enjoy the christmas break. We wish you happy holidays and a happy new year. 

Notebooks for the Tutorial on the 18th of December

Geschrieben am 15.12.23 von Kristina Schaefer

In the next tutorial on monday the 18th of December, we willl consider practical assignments that requires the execution of C code. So if possible, please bring your notebooks to the tutorial  on monday. 

Room for the Tutorial

Geschrieben am 04.11.23 von Kristina Schaefer

The tutorials will take place in seminar room 3 in building E.2.5 (also called U11) starting on the 06.11.23.

Lectures Slides with 1 Slide per Page

Geschrieben am 03.11.23 von Kristina Schaefer

After a request in yesterday's lecture, I have added a second category of slides in the materials section of the CMS. You can now download the slides with 1 or 2 slides per page, depending on your personal preference. 

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Mathematical Morphology in Image Analysis

Course Description

Mathematical morphology is a powerful class of images processing methods based on shape information of image objects. Its techniques have been applied successfully to a variety of image processing tasks including image denoising, segmentation, skeletons and many more. This lectures gives an introduction to a variety of morphological techniques.

The course is designed as a supplement for image processing lectures, to be attended before, after or parallel to them. After the lecture, participants should understand the foundations of classical and PDE-based morphology and be able to apply morphological operators to image processing tasks.

General Information

  • Lecturer: Kristina Schaefer
  • Examiner: Prof. Joachim Weickert
  • advanced lecture
  • Credit Points: 6


  • on site
  • Thursday 14-16 HS003 E.1.3
  • first lecture: 26.10.2023


  • on site
  • Monday 12-14 SR 3 in E.2.5 (also called U11)
  • first tutorial: 06.11.2023


  • written exams
  • closed book
  • If you participate in both exams, the better grades counts.
  • first exam: 22nd February 2024  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm building E2.2, Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal
  • second exam: 26th March 2024  2:00 pm - 4:00 pm building E1.3, HS002


Basic mathematics courses (such as Mathematik für Informatiker I-III) are recommended. Understanding English is necessary. The lecture "Image Processing and Computer Vision" is recomended. 


The course does not follow a specific book, but the following reference can be useful:

  • R. C. Gonzalez, R. E. Woods,  Digital Image Processing. Addison-Wesley, International Edition, 2017.

  • P. Soille, Morphological Image Analysis. Principles and Applications. Second edition. Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg 2004.

  • R. Kimmel, Numerical Geometry of Images. Theory, Algorithms, and Applications. First edition. Springer New York.

  • G. Sapiro, Geometric Partial Differential Equations and Image Analysis. First Edition. Cambridge University Press.

You can find these references in the Semesterapparat of the library.

Further references will be given during the lecture.




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