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Mathematics for Computer Scientists III

Apl. Prof. Dr. Frederik Herzberg



This is the last part of a three-semester course series in mathematics for computer science students.

This course focuses on the analysis of functions in several variables (differentiation, optimization, integration) and probability theory.

(The lectures and general tutorials will be given in English; there will be small-group tutorials in both English and German.)


Time & Venue



Wednesday, 08:30-10:00
Friday, 12:15-13:45

Günter Hotz Hörsaal (building E2 2 ; an interactive campus map can be found here).

First lecture: Wednesday, 25 October, at 8:30am.

Note: On Friday, 1 December, the lecture will be held in building E1 3, lecture hall 002.


General Tutorial

Friday, 14:15-15:45

Hörsaal II (building E2 5; an interactive campus map can be found here).

First general tutorial: Friday, 3 November, at 2:15pm.


Small-Group Tutorials

You can submit your preferences for the small-group tutorials between Wednesday, 25 October, 12:00 and Monday, 30 October, 23:59 via CMS.



The following books are available online (free of charge) as long as you are using an IP address of the university:

In order to get access from outside the university network, you must set up a VPN-connection to the university servers. A detailed description (unfortunately only in German) can be found here.

More literature for this lecture course can be found on the digital Course Reference Shelf (German version available here) that is kindly provided by the Campusbibliothek für Informatik und Mathematik.


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