Tutorial is We 16-18 (in room 005 in E1 5) and Midterm is Mo 11. Dec during class

Written on 03.11.2023 18:45 by Niklas Mück

Dear all,

We have finally set the dates for the tutorial and the midterm.
- The midterm will take place on December 11th during class (i.e. 14:00–16:00).
- The weekly tutorial will take place every Wednesday from 16:15–18:00 in room 005 in E1 5 on the ground floor (the first room you will see when you enter the building). Please be there on time (16:14) as we will have a test at the beginning of each tutorial.

Just a reminder: We also have office hours every Tuesday from 16:00–17:00 and Friday from 14:00–15:00 in room 422 in E1 5. You can find us by either taking the elevator or the stairs to the fourth floor and then turning right.

If one of the dates does not work for you, please contact us as soon as possible.
Your Semantics Team

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