Topics for presentations

Written on 24.06.2022 10:35 by Dag Nilsson

Below are listed topics for the student presentations. 


-Solutions of the wave equations in even and odd dimensions. Pages 70-80 in [Evans, Partial differential equations].


-Calculus of variations. Pages 453-460 in [Evans, Partial differential equations].


-Good kernels and Cesaro and Abel summability. Pages 48-56 in [Stein & Shakarchi, Fourier analysis: An introduction]


-A continuous function with a diverging Fourier series. Pages 83-87 in [Stein & Shakarchi, Fourier analysis: An introduction].


-The hydrogen atom. Section 9.5 in [Strauss, Partial differential equations: an introduction].


-Vibrations of a drumhead. Section 10.2 in [Strauss, Partial differential equations: an introduction].


-Shock waves. Section 14.1 in [Strauss, Partial differential equations: an introduction].


You are to prepare a 30-45 minute presentation on one of these topics. The presentations can be done in groups up to two persons. 


Please notify me by 29 of June which topic you would like, either via email or during the lectures. The topics will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. 


The presentations can be done either on the blackboard or by preparing lecture slides and using a projector. In either case, please send the lecture notes of your talk to me and Dan in advance of your presentation so that you can get feedback on them. The presentations are planned to be held in the period 11-15 of July.


It is compulsory to give presentation and attend all the other presentations in order to qualify for the exam.


Please send an email to me or Dan should you have any questions.



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