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Programming 2 Pre-Course

The lecture Programming 2, and many other basic lectures, are often somewhat challenging for people without experience in an imperative programming language. Additionally, they often prerequire basic knowledge of Git or Unix. The preparatory course aims to teach you these basics, and we hope that you can enjoy an easier transition into the next semester by attending it.


Monday, 03.04. to Wednesday, 05.04.
On these days, we have prepared a bigger project, which should make your start with MIPS (the assembly language you will get to know in Prog2) easier. You will have lectures, tutorials, and time for individual studies, where you will learn more about the following contents:

  • branches, loops, and lables
  • variables
  • (maze solving) algorithms
  • data structures
  • functions

You can easily work on this project and solve the given tasks in your web browser.


Thursday, 06.04.
Since in Prog2, projects are no longer simply edited in the browser, we will conclude this course with an introduction to Git and Unix. This knowledge will make it easier for you to work with the Prog2-VM, usage of which is essential for completing your projects in Programming 2. There will also be a small project to test your newly gained knowledge.


You can find our schedule on the timetable page. All materials of the course will of course be made available to all participants of the lecture Programming 2.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the forum.

This course will only be offered in presence. That means the tutorials and the coaching will only happen in place at the university. Only the lecture will be recorded and uploaded. But that does not mean that you definitely need to be here. The materials will be uploaded and you can work at them at home.

We strongly recommend participating in this pre-course, at least on the last day (Thursday). On Thursday we will help you install your VM, which will be needed in programming 2 later on.



This course is not an official course, but an offer of (partly former) Programming 2 tutors. Accordingly, no CP will be awarded, participation is optional, and HISPOS registration is neither possible nor required.

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