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Written on 20.11.23 by Jens Zentgraf

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the seminar (10202) and proseminar (10201) are available in the LSF.
Please register as soon as possible. Make sure you register for the right one.

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Topic assignment

Written on 13.11.23 by Jens Zentgraf

Dear all,

you can find the topic assignment in the materials section.

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(Pro-)Seminar Modern Hashing and Filtering Algorithms

In this proseminar, we will focus on different modern hash strategies. On the one hand we will discuss modern collision resolution strategies for hash tables. This includes Robin Hood hashing, Hopscotch hashing and others. On the other hand we will take a look at efficient filter like, Bloom filter, Cuckoo filter or XOR filter.
The goal is, that you can clearly explain the provided method in the seminar thesis. In addition, in the presentation, you should communicate the learned knowledge to the other participants in a way that is easy to understand.

In this seminar, we will discuss different modern hashing and filtering algorithms. We will focus on new minimal perfect hash algorithms (BBHash, RecSplit, PTHash, ...) and modern filters (Hierarchical Interleaved Bloom Filters, XOR Filters, Binary Fuse Filters, ...).
You will reimplement and benchmark the provided algorithm and check if you can reproduce the provided results. Also you will summarize your results in a short seminar thesis and present it to the other students in a presentation.

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