Review Phase

Written on 21.12.2023 16:26 by Jens Zentgraf

Dear all,

I distributed the reviews yesterday, and you should all have received an email from EasyChair. 

Here is a rough idea of how a review can be structured. 
Start with a short summary of what is explained in the report. This should show that you have understood the paper.
Then you can divide it into two sections:
1. major: Here you list all important comments. This includes, for example, contradictions in the explanation, the explanation does not fit an example, the explanation is not clear or understandable, there is no structure in the elaboration, ...
2. minor: Here you can make any comments that are not essential for you. You can point out where a little more explanation would be useful or additional graphics would be good. Also tips on how to explain or visualize something else are always very useful.
Finally, you can also list grammar and spelling mistakes. 

In general, please write down any comments, problems and suggestions for improvement that you can think of. 

Best wishes and a Merry Christmas,

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