The project is organized as a series of sequential milestones. The toplevel README in the project repo includes the general instructions for the project.

# Description Issued Due
1 Software Baseline 09.11.2023 20.11.2023
2 Simulation w/ Simple PIO 21.11.2023 11.12.2023
3 Optimized Accelerator Interface 12.12.2023 02.01.2024
4 Hardware RTL Implementation 02.01.2024 22.01.2024
5 Open-Ended Milestone 23.01.2024 09.02.2024


Slip Days

We will apply a flexible slip date policy for late submissions. Each student is allocated an automatic extension of 4 calendar days for the entire semester. Students can use the extension on any project during the semester in increments of one day. For instance, you can hand in one project assignment 4 days late, or one assignment 2 days late and two assignments 1 day late. This extension is to be used for incidental occurrences, so please do not ask us for any extensions due to any incidental circumstances.

Note that slip days cannot be used for the last milestone presentation, as that will need to happen on February 9.

Students will not receive credit for late submissions beyond the automatic extensions.

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