Elements of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Vera Demberg, Prof. Dr. Jens Dittrich, Prof. Dr. Jörg Hoffmann, Prof. Dr. Bernt Schiele


Assignment 6: Update Virtual Machine

Written: 05.12.2019 14:47 Written By: Joris Nix

Dear students,

for this weeks assignment and some of the upcoming lectures, you have to update your virtual machine. For this, follow these instructions:

  • download the new Vagrantfile from our materials section
  • copy the new Vagrantfile into your virtual machine folder (i.e. replace the old Vagrantfile with the new one)
  • execute the following command: vagrant up --provision-with miniconda,python-packages
  • note: the update might take some time

In case you have problems, please use the forum.

Best regards,

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