[Tutor Didactics Seminar] First day

Written on 15.10.23 by Janine Lohse

Dear Tutors,

Tomorrow starts the didactics seminar. We will meet at 9am (sharp) in E1.7, Room 0.01.
Please bring paper and pens for taking notes.

See you tomorrow!
Your Seminar Team

The Tutor Didactics Seminar is targeted towards first-time tutors who haven't yet participated in a didactics seminar. For organizational reasons, it is limited to 16 participants.

Tutor Didactics Seminar

Apart from technical knowledge, being a tutor also requires skills in communication and didactics. This soft-skill seminar helps first-time tutors acquire these skills. Topics discussed in the seminar include (but are not limited to) tasks and responsibilities of being a tutor, learning theory, teaching methods, time management and dealing with sensitive situations. Apart from that, the seminar aims to improve explanation and presentation skills.

The seminar is planned to be very interactive with a lot of personal feedback. To allow for such a setting, the seminar is limited to 16 participants. Please do not register if you already attended or will attend another tutor didactics seminar!

Please note that tutors for Programming 1 and the Mathematics Preparatory Course will have a separate didatics seminar and can therefore can not attend this seminar.



The seminar takes place every day from Monday, October 16th to Friday, October 20th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in Building E 1.7 (MMCI) rooms 001 and 002. Attendance is mandatory, but exceptions can be made in urgent cases (e.g. if an exam takes place during the seminar). Only register if you intend to attend all sessions!



Please fill out the registration form by September 30th. As seats are limited, we might not be able to admit all registrations for participation in the course. We will send notifications on whether you are admitted to your university email address in the first week of October. If you have problems registering or need to know about admission earlier, please send an email to Robert Pietsch (robert.pietsch [at]

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