Tutorial assignments

Written on 27.10.2023 14:02 by Emilia Ellsiepen

All students have now been assigned a tutorial slot. Please check, whether you can make the time and get in touch, if you need to change slots.

This year, we offered a "no tutorial" slot, which is meant for students, who are retaking the course and don't have to submit exercise sheets. If you have been assigned to that tutorial (#7), but are taking the course for the first time and for credit, please get in touch! If you are retaking the course, but were still assigned to a tutorial slot other than #7 although you opted for the "no tutorial", also get in touch!

Retakers are welcome to join the tutorials to refresh their memory and get some more practise.

Students registering late, will be distributed to the tutorials as soon as possible for us.

Please be reminded that the first datacamp assignment is due on October 31!


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