Datacamp only allows me to do the first chapter and then asks for me to upgrade to continue. What should I do?

You only have this problem, if you did not join the classroom, which provides access between Sept 30 and March 30 to all courses. Please join the classroom using the link provided in week 1 in the materials section.

How can students find teammates for the exercise sheets?

You can use the forum on CMS.

Do students from the same team need to attend the same tutorials?
It is recommended, but not necessary.

What if I did not find a team, yet?

You may submit the first exercise sheet on your own. Please create your own team on cms, nevertheless. In the second week, we will merge teams in order to have always 3 students per team.

What is discussed at each tutorial?

The previous exercise sheet and briefly the next one, if some time is left.

You can also ask questions about the content of the lecture.

Do I need to redo Datacamp courses, if I did them last year and they are marked as completed in my profile?

No, you do not need to do this.

Do I need to do the exercise sheets, if I did them last year already?

No. You will be admitted to the exam, if you met the requirements already last year or earlier. Please do not join an assignment team in this case!

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