2nd chance Post-Exam Review

Written on 20.03.2023 15:37 by Mirella Hladky

Some students reached out that they could not attend the post-exam review today (due to overlapping lectures/exams).
Those students can come tomorrow (Tuesday) at 12:00 (sharp)
enlightenedWhere? DFKI main building; room 0.14

enlightenedHow do I find that?

  • Enter DFKI main entrance
  • Get into the elevator
  • Press level (the ground floor is level -2)
  • Get out of the elevator
  • Turn left
  • Turn right (following the red arrow)
  • Room 0.14 is the second door on the left in that hallway

enlightenedPlease be punctual as we will be moving from our office to a different room (that is harder to find wink) together!

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