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Written on 12.07.2023 01:01 by Jacobo Del Valle

Hello all,

We have submitted project assignment grades. Please check your eligility and register for the exam if you have met the threshold.

If you have any questions regarding your grades, please email us as soon as possible, especially if you are close to the threshold and believe there was a mistake. As previously announced, if you believe you should be eligible, register for the exam and we can then clarify any questions you may have. If you end up not meeting the eligibility threshold, the examinations office will de-register you and you will not have a "fail" in your records.

Another option you may have, if you are close to the threshold, is to present (a portion of) the project at tomorrow's tutorial (4:15pm) in order to obtain participation bonus points.

Again, it is paramount that you register if you believe you should be eligible (even if grades on CMS don't fully reflect that at the moment).


Your tutors

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