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Written on 17.07.2023 16:49 by Dietrich Klakow


we have just finalized the exam. To safe you time, here are the instructions from the cover sheet:


1. The exam has nine questions. All questions are weighted equally, 10 points each.
2. No books, notes, smartphones etc. are allowed during the exam. You only need pen/pencil and your student ID.
3. Please read all the questions first. The questions are designed such that the answers should have limited overlap.
4. You are provided with a pile of answer sheets. On these answer sheets, you find an Exam Id. Please copy this number to this question sheet.
5.  Answer each question on the corresponding sheet in the set of answer sheets we provided. Each set of answer sheets has two blank sheets in the end. Use each sheet only for a single answer.  In case you need more paper, contact us during the exam. Extra sheets must be marked as the other ones and stapled at the end of the exam. A stapler will be provided.
6.  Answer your questions in English (otherwise we will have problems in grading).
7. Answer only what you are asked for and try to be compact and precise.

The exam starts at 14:00 at Günter Hotz Lecture Hall (001.0 Geb E2 2, )

 Try to be there latest 13:45 .

see you on Wednesday


Dietrich Klakow





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