Software Engineering at Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Co. Prof. Dr. Sven Apel Seminar/Proseminar — Winter Semester 2020


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About the Seminar

With the rising size and complexity of software projects, good engineering practices become more and more important, especially for major tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and co. In this seminar, we discuss different topics from software engineering, viewed from the perspective of big tech companies, and we relate them to current research topics and open research problems.

We focus on topics like:

  • How to work well in developer teams

  • How manual techniques such as code review shape software development

  • Handling testing and infrastructure at a large scale

  • How tools can help in making software engineering at a large scale better manageable with automation

  • Running continuous integration and delivery with millions of customers


Registration for the seminar is mandatory. To distribute students among the available seminars offered by the computer science department, you have to select your preferences for a seminar or a proseminar on the central registration platform for seminars and will be automatically assigned to a seminar according to your preferences.

If you are assigned to this seminar, for organizational reasons, you have to sign up both in the course registration form that will be given above and in the LSF. Deadlines for the LSF (HISPOS) registration will be posted in the LSF (HISPOS) portal. Registration is possible up to three weeks after the topic assignment / kick-off.

Kick-off and topic assignment will take place on November 5, at 12:15 on Zoom. Please note that the schedule can still change due to the current situation with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.



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