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Written on 07.06.22 by Anwesha Das

Dear All,

Due to the CMS outage, some of you couldn't submit your deliverables by yesterday. I've opened the submissions now -- Please submit at the earliest (7 June EOD).

Let me know in case you have any questions.


Psychological Theories for Intelligent and Interactive Systems


When do we trust an AI system; what's our search strategy when we google something; how does the presentation of different options influence our decision (e.g. when booking a hotel or taking an online bet)?

In this Seminar, we will answer such questions by learning about fundamental theories of psychology and how they can be applied to the design of intelligent and interactive systems.
Each session will feature another theory that aims to explain human behavior for example around decision making, trust, motivation and many other. We will discuss concrete examples of how these theories can be applied in human-computer interaction and develop our own ideas for utilizing them in the design of intelligent systems and experimental studies.


The seminar consists of two parts.

In the first weeks we will learn about psychological theories. Therefore, we will provide you with a seminal paper from psychology and an application paper that shows how the theory can be applied to the design or understanding of interactive systems. Each week, every student will take a different role towards the paper: 

  • Historian: tell something about the authors, impact of the theory etc.
  • HCI Researcher: present an HCI or CS papers that use this theory in the context of a system
  • Psychology Researcher: present a competing or related theory or topic
  • PhD student: propose a follow-up project that you could do at the end of the seminar
  • Journalist: write a concise summary of the theory that can be understood by the general public

In the second part students can apply a theory of their choice in a project (e.g. design a system, test the theory in an empirical study, etc.)


02.05. Trust theory
09.05. Work design
16.05. Bounded rationality
23.05. Cognitive Load
30.05 Situation Awareness
06.06. -- no seminar --
13.06. -- no seminar --
20.06. Present you project plan 
27.06. -- no seminar --
04.07 -- no seminar --
11.07. Final session, present your project


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