Exam Registration

Written on 22.01.2021 11:12 by Rebecca Eifler

Dear Students,

This is a reminder that, in order to take the Planning exam you must register in two different places, until one week before the exam at the latest: February 5.

1) CMS: We have opened the registration in CMS. You'll be able to register as soon as you fulfill the requirements (50 points in programming projects). Of course, we'll try to upload the points as soon as possible so that you can do this early.

2) HISPOS/VIPA: This depends on your course of studies and I don't have the list, but you should know if your course of studies is using one of these. If so, you need to register in the corresponding system. Students in course of studies that belong to HISPOS or VIPA and don't register there will not be allowed to take the exam. If you cannot register in HISPOS or VIPA, please write Rebecca ( once you register in CMS so that we keep track of the list of students that attend the exam without being in HISPOS or VIPA.
For more Information please check this news (18.11.20)

The exam is on the 12. February in HS002 in E1.3. at 10:00.
We will publish further information about the exam with respect to corona rules next week.

Best regards,

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