Exam registration in HISPOS for Computer Science exams

Written on 18.11.2020 15:37 by Daniel Höller

Dear students,

Please carefully read the following information from Evelyn Kraska.

All the best,


Dear Lecturers of the winter semester 2020/21,

All students are  asked to register for the exams for the winter semester 2020/21. Exam registration or a withdrawal is possible until one week before the main exam or the re-exam. A subsequent exam registration by the study coordination is only possible in justified exceptions.
*Registration for exams is possible from approx. beginning of December

For (pro)seminars, registration or cancellation is possible up to three weeks after the topic assignment or kick-off meeting.

Please remind your students of the exam registration.

In case of problems wih the exam registration the students (Informatik, Medieninformatik, CuK, Visual Computing, Cybersicherheit, DSAI, Promotion vorb.)  should contact:

Other students have to contact their examination office.

These students are *not* able to register in HISPOS:

Wirtschaftsinformatiker (Business Informatics)
guest students
Bachelor/Master DSAI (not at the moment)

to some extent students from other course of studies

*Currently the following students cannot register in HISPOS:*

Bachelor of Computer Science, StO 2020
Bachelor Cyber Security, StO 2020
Bachelor Media Informatics, StO 2020
Bachelor Mathematics and Computer Science, StO 2020
Teacher of computer science, StO 2020

Master Media Informatics, StO 2020
Master Visual Computing, StO 2020

Please let us know the participants of the (pro)seminars of the above mentioned study programs after the end of the course. We will register them in HISPOS as soon as it is possible.

Unfortunately, we do not yet know whether it will be possible to register for exams at the beginning of the exam period. Further information will follow in January.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Evelyn Kraska

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