Quiz 02 and Lecture Material; Clarification on Registrations

Written on 15.11.2023 20:45 by Sven Rahmann

Good evening everyone!

Please remember to take the second quiz before Friday evening. The lecture recording and PDF slides for Professor Demberg's lecture are available in the Materials section. The quiz is more difficult than the one last week because there are multiple options for every question, and more than answer can be correct. A point is only given if the complete set of correct answers and no wrong answer is given. There will also be easier quizzes again.

Here is some clarification on the registration questions:

1. You MUST be registered HERE in the CMS; otherwise you cannot take the quizzes and access the Materials.

2. You MUST be registered in the LSF/HISPOS, not for the course, but for the exam, to get ECTS credits.
Exceptions only apply to students who are not enrolled in a standard program of the department. This typically concerns the following groups who CANNOT register in LSF for the exam:
- LL.M IT & Law program students (different department)
- exchange students (ERASMUS and other programs)
- junior students
- perhaps further groups and individual special cases
These special groups of students are handled by their respective examination offices and will receive a written note after completion of the course.
If you do not belong to such a special group, the only way to get credit is via the LSF exam registration.

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