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Operator Algebras

Dates and times


Tuesday, 16:00-17:30, HS 4, Building E 2 4


Friday, 12:15-13:45, seminar room 5.

You may submit the solutions for the assignments in teams of up to three people.


This course is an introduction to the theory of algebras of operators on Hilbert space. Operator algebras lead to insights into the structure of single operators on Hilbert space. Moreover, they are also a fascinating topic in their own right, which has implications to group theory and mathematical physics.

Topics covered:

  • Gelfand theory of commutative Banach and C^*-algebras
  • States and the GNS construction
  • Addenda about locally convex spaces: duality, extreme points and Krein-Milman theorem
  • von Neumann algebras


Functional Analysis


There will be an oral exam at the end of the semester. In order to be eligible for the exam, you have to achieve at least 50% of the available points on the assignments.


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