Time and venue for the weekly tutorial

Written on 31.10.23 by Frederik Herzberg

The weekly tutorial has now been scheduled for Mondays, 4:00-4:45pm in seminar room 2 (building E2.5, room U36).

We will discuss the Problem Sheets that you can find in the Materials section here on CMS. (The solutions are not to be submitted.)

Non-Life Insurance Mathematics

Apl. Prof. Dr. Frederik Herzberg



This lecture course covers the fundamental concepts and results of non-life insurance (i.e. property and casualty insurance):

  • Standard models of non-life insurance
  • Risk reduction by pooling risks
  • Ruin theory
  • Calculations of premiums I: risk measures
  • Calculations of premiums II: credibility theory
  • Loss reserving
  • Basics of reinsurance


Time & Venue


Monday, 2:15-3:45pm
Hörsaal III 
(building E2 5)

Starting on 30 October.



Monday, 4:00-4:45pm
Seminar Room 2
(building E2 5, room U36)

Starting on 6 November.


Recommended Prerequisites



Principal text:

  • Lecture notes by Prof. H. Zähle plus some additions
    (successively published after the lectures under → Materials)


Further reading:

    Course reference shelf, kindly provided by the Campus-Bibliothek für Informatik und Mathematik

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