Course postponed

Written on 10.04.24 (last change on 10.04.24) by Frederik Herzberg

Unfortunately, the lecture course Introduction to Mathematical Logic cannot take place this semester. Possibly it will be offered again in the summer semester 2025.

Students interested in the philosophical aspects of this subject may consider the (German-language) Seminar Philosophie der Mathematik.

Introduction to Mathematical Logic

Prof. Dr. Frederik Herzberg



This course provides an introduction to mathematical logic, with a focus on basic model theory. Topics include:

  • Set theory (axioms, ordinals, cardinals)
  • Hilbert-style calculi (for sentential and predicate logic)
  • Completeness and compactness for propositional logic
  • Completeness and compactness for predicate logic
  • Löwenheim-Skolem theorems
  • Ultraproducts and applications



Intended audience: Mathematics students and computer science students with a strong background in mathematics, typically from the 6th semester onwards.



Friday, 10-12am, seminar room 10 (building E2 4)



Friday, 12-1pm, seminar room 6 (building E2 4), from 26 April





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