Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures Prof. Dr. Karl Bringmann This course is also known as "Fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms"



Exam Dates

Dear students,

We have fixed the following dates for the exams:

  • Final Exam: 14:00-17:00, February 27 (GHH/HS002/HSI/HSII)
  • Re-Exam: 14:00-17:00, April 5 (GHH/HS002/HSI)

Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures

This lecture gives an introduction to the design of efficient algorithms and data structures, as well as analyzing their correctness and running time. We will cover sorting algorithms, basic data structures (linked lists, stacks, priority queues, balanced binary search trees, hashing), and basic graph algorithms (traversal, shortest path, minimum spanning tree). We will also discuss algorithm design techniques such as divide and conquer, exhaustive search, greedy and dynamic programming as well as randomized algorithms and amortized analysis of algorithms.


Lecture Format

Lecture: Thursdays 12:15-14:00 (E2 2 HS 001, Günter-Hotz-Hörsaal)

The first lecture will take place on October 27. The lectures will be held in English.

Lectures will be recorded and the recordings will be made available on this website (see "Information"->"Material" after registering and logging into this website).


Exercise Sheets & Tutorials

Exercise sheets will be handed out on Thursday and are due on the next Thursday before the lecture. Your solutions should be submitted either physically in the lecture hall or digitally via this website. Physical solutions are handwritten or printed sheets of paper. Digital solutions are submitted as a PDF by writing in LaTeX, writing in a common word processor like Word, or as a high quality scan/photo of a handwritten submission. The first page of your solutions must list your name and your tutorial slot.

You can work in groups of up to 3 students on the exercises. Each group must submit exactly one solution (for digital solutions this means that exactly one group member should submit the solutions via this website). The first page of your solutions must list all group members. Each group must write their own solution and must not copy the solution of another group!

The exercises sheets will be written in English, but you can choose to write your solutions in English or German depending on the tutorial you choose (i.e. check the submission language in the table below).

Solutions to the exercises will be presented in the weekly tutorials. Tutorials start in the week November 7-11. We offer the following tutorial slots:

Time Tutor Room Tutorial Language Submission Language
Monday 10-12 Anton E1.1, SR106 English English or German
Monday 14-16 Julius E1.1, SR106 German English or German
Monday 16-18 Ahmed E1.1, SR106 English English
Tuesday 10-12 Ivo E1.1, SR106 German English or German
Tuesday 12-14 Simon E1.1, SR106 German English or German
Tuesday 14-16 Nicolas E1.1, SR106 English English or German
Wednesday 10-12 Elina E1.1, SR106 German English or German
Wednesday 12-14 Tim R. E2.5, SR3 (U.11) German English or German
Thursday 10-12 Tim S. E1.3, SR014 German English or German


When registering on this website, you are asked to give your preferences for tutorial slots. Please select more than one option as "preferred" (this will help us finding a fair tutorial assignment).  You can submit your preferences until November 1. We will then create a tutorial assignment on November 2.


Grading and Exams

To be able to obtain a certificate you must register in the LSF system! If you are unable to register in LSF, please contact Alejandro.

To be admitted to the final exam and the re-exam, you need to score at least 50% of the points on the exercise sheets. For the exams you are allowed to bring a single handwritten DinA4-sheet (which can be written on both sides); photocopies and printouts are not allowed. Your final grade will be the better of your grade in the final exam and your grade in the re-exam.

  • Final Exam: 14:00-17:00, February 27 (GHH/HS002/HSI/HSII)
  • Re-Exam: 14:00-17:00, April 5 (GHH/HS002/HSI)

If for some urgent reasons you cannot attend the exams in person please contact us directly via email.



There are many good books and lecture scripts on the topic, here is a selection:

  • [Blä] M. Bläser, Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures, 2015 (Script)
  • [MS] K. Mehlhorn, P. Sanders, Algorithms and Data Structures - The Basic Toolbox, Springer, 2008 (ISBN: 9783540779773)
  • [CLRS] T. H. Cormen, C. E. Leiserson, R. L. Rivest, C. Stein, Introduction to Algorithms - Fourth Edition, MIT Press, 2022 (ISBN: 9780262046305)
  • [Eri] J. Erickson, Algorithms, 2019 (Free electronic version)

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