First Minitest

Written on 08.05.24 by Cedric Holle

We will write a minitest next Monday (13.05.). Make sure you are familiar with the rules. You should also be able to solve very easy Life and Death problems. 

Introduction to the Asian board game Go


Everybody heart about AlphaGo, many computer scientists know how AlphaGo works, but not many people in Europe know what game AlphaGo is actually playing. Unlike Chess, Go is rather unknown in Europe. In this course you will learn the rules of the game Go and the important strategic principles. If you are already familiar with the game, feel free to attend the lecture and just play.

 (This course is mainly about learning to *play* Go , but neither about artificial intelligence nor about how to program a Go engine.)

  • When: Monday, 16:15 - 18:00
  • Where: E1.3, HS001
  • First lecture: April 22!

You can get 3 free CP. There will be short weekly occasional minitests. You need at least 50% of the points at the end of the semester to obtain the CP.

Due to the large number of participants, we will not write minitests every week. We will announce the minitests the week before we write them.


If you have questions about the course or missed registration please send a mail to Cedric Holle ( or


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