Gamification & Game Studies Dr. Pascal Lessel, Prof. Dr. Antonio Kr├╝ger Advanced Lecture (3 CP), Summer 2020



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Lecture 13

The final lecture videos are online + I also uploaded two more video parts regarding exam registration and exam hints.


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Videos of lecture 12 are available.


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Hi all, 

I also notify you via email this time. The Gamification & Game Studies course can now be evaluated online. You can find the link to the evaluation form in the Material section in the General category (i.e., first entry on page). The link is only valid... Read more

Hi all, 

I also notify you via email this time. The Gamification & Game Studies course can now be evaluated online. You can find the link to the evaluation form in the Material section in the General category (i.e., first entry on page). The link is only valid until July 10, 2020.

Thanks for evaluating the course!



Lecture 10

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Lecture 9

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Online recordings (Lecture 1-3) are available

The first three lectures are available online (accessible after registration).

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Gamification & Game Studies

This advanced lecture (3 ECTS) will present and discuss systems that use game design ideas with a focus on Gamification. We pursue the following goals:

  • Sharpening the understanding on what you can do with ideas from game design beyond board and video games.
  • Providing you with an overview of game-related research areas in human computer interaction by presenting notable examples.
  • The lecture’s focus on gamification will teach you about aspects to consider if you want to create gameful systems.

We recommend that you have passed the Human Computer Interaction core lecture, if you plan to attend to this lecture. See the lecture topics here in the CMS to decide whether this lecture is interesting for you.


Important Information (Update: 16.07)

  • Because of the postponed start of lectures, we have already provided the first three sessions as video recordings. It is highly recommended that you at least watch the administrative parts of the first lecture before 4. May (to see whether this course is a good fit for you). We highly recommend that you watch all three videos, until 8. June. Keep in mind, these lectures are also relevant for the exam. Ideally, you have watched the videos before 4. May.
  • We will provide all other lectures as pre-recorded videos as well. There will be no presence meetings (besides the written exam). The videos will be released according to the schedule (see Lecture Topics).
  • There will be no exercises and no exercise groups (but you will see examples of tasks in the lecture).
  • Lecture language: English
  • Exam: Monday, 7 September 2020, 12-3pm (in E1.3 HS002 AND Günter-Hotz). You need to pass this (written) exam to get a certificate for the course. All lectures are relevant for the exam. As stated in lecture 1 you are not allowed to use cheat sheets or books during the exam.
    Remark: If you have attended the Semester Kick-Off Event you might wonder, if we move the exam to another date (given the "four phases" slide there). Answer: the exam date will remain as communicated (and was already clarified with the Dean of Students Affairs).
    Remark 2: We extended the time slot to 3pm to give us all enough time to comply with Corona regulations. We likely need to occupy both lecture halls (maybe even three, depending on how many of you want to write the exam).
  • Exam Registration: An early information for you:
    The exam registration will be possible through LSF/HISPOS starting in June (following the faculty regulations). The LSF/HISPOS registration for the exam (compliant with the general regulations) ends on 31.08.2020. Please register on time for the exam.
    When the registration is officially open and you recognize to be unable to register with LSF/HISPOS (and only then), you a) need to first clarify with your examination office whether you can make use of a certificate at all and then b) you need to write a registration email to Pascal Lessel (add your matriculation number, your full name and your study program) which will be confirmed by me.

    As we need to organize everything based on the Corona rules, we will check the registration count within LSF/HISPOS + the confirmed email registrations on 01.09.2020. Based on the numbers we finalize the lecture hall distribution. There will be no option for late registration and if you are not registered, you are not allowed to enter the corresponding halls to write the exam.
  • There will be no re-exam.

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