Grades released & details on inspection this week

Written on 04.04.2022 17:20 by Miriam Rateike

Dear all,

We just posted your grade for the re-exam on CMS.

In addition we also post points per sub-problem, as well as a sample solution that would have scored full points. If these give you the impression that we made an error in grading, you have opportunities to identify factual errors, such as when we for example seem to have missed part of your answer to a question, or did not give points for a correct answer.

The first option is to submit a written claim via CMS. Submissions are open until Thursday 07.04.22 at 23:59. You may submit your claim either as a pdf or txt file per problem. Please make sure that you include your name and matriculation number on every page. Be explicit and specific in your claim. If needed, you may include a scan of your original submitted solution. Any annotations on these need to be made in a *different* pen color than with which you wrote the exam.

The second option is to attend the in-person exam inspection, where we will offer you access to a hard copy of your graded exam, i.e., your solution with our grading annotations, and the sample solution. This inspection takes place Thursday, 07.04.22 09.00-12.00h on campus in room 0.07 of E9.1 (CISPA). You will have to register for the inspection and will be assigned a timeslot. You will need to wait outside of the CISPA building until we call you in. You will need to bring your own pen and need to leave your belongings at the entrance of the room. CISPA requires everyone to wear a mask at all times while indoors, as well as to keep the room well-ventilated. During your assigned timeslot you may inspect your exam and write down any perceived or factual errors in the grading, on a piece of paper, which you then hand in before leaving. Besides the sound of pens and paper, the in-person inspection will be silent, i.e., there will be neither discussion nor explanations. To clarify what you can expect of seeing your graded exam: Our annotations consist mainly of tick marks and indications (e.g., underlining) of mistakes and wrong statements.

If after screening your grade, points, and sample solution you want to join the in-person exam inspection, we ask you to register on CMS by Wednesday, 06.04.22 at 11.59h (midday). You find the button “Re-exam inspection” under “Registrations”. We will allocate you to a timeslot of 15 minutes on Thursday 07.04.22 between 9.00-12.00h. We will notify you about your assigned timeslot by Wednesday afternoon. Note, you are only granted access to inspection during your specific time slot. If you wish to attend the in-person inspection and you have a valid reason that permits you attending on Thursday morning (e.g., an exam), write us an email with the proof of your reason.

After claims have been submitted – both online and onsite – we will process them jointly, quickly, but above all fairly. We will update your points when Prof. Vreeken and Prof. Valera agree this is justified. There will be no written or verbal feedback.

Best regards, 

Prof. Isabel Valera
Prof. Jilles Vreeken
and the entire EML Team

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