Information on Inspection of Re-exam Next Week - Please Read Carefully

Written on 01.04.2022 20:53 by Miriam Rateike

Dear all,

We hope you are all well and fully recovered from the re-exam. Over the last week we’ve been busy grading your exams, as well as thinking how to organize the exam inspections in a way that is safe, sound, and minimizes waiting times all at the same time. Please read this email carefully.

On Monday, 04.04.22, we will publish your grade, points per subproblem, as well as a sample solution on CMS. This allows you to assess how close or far off your answer of your submitted exam was from full points.

If you have the impression that we did not take all information in your answer into consideration, we provide two opportunities to identify factual errors in our grading, e.g. identify when we somehow did not consider your entire answer to a question, or did not give points for a correct answer.

The first option is to submit a written claim via CMS. We will open submissions for these upon release of the grades, with a deadline on Thursday 07.04.22 at 23:59. We will send out the details on how to submit these claims in due time.

The second option is to attend the in-person exam inspection, where we will offer you access to a hard copy of your graded exam, i.e., your solution with our grading annotations, and sample solution. This inspection will be held next Thursday, 07.04.22 in the CISPA building (E9.1) on campus. To avoid crowds and long waiting times you will have to pre-register for a 15 minute timeslot. Details will follow soon. During your timeslot you can inspect your exam and write down any perceived or factual errors in the grading on a hand-written form. Besides the sound of pens and paper, the in-person inspection will be silent, i.e., there will be no discussion. To clarify what you can expect of seeing your graded exam: Our annotations consist mainly of tick marks and indications (e.g., underlining) of mistakes and wrong statements.

After claims have been submitted - both online and onsite – we will process them jointly, quickly, but above all fairly. We will update your points when Prof. Vreeken and Prof. Valera agree this is justified. There will be no written or verbal feedback.

In summary, you get access to your submitted exam, points per problem, and grade electronically, as well as additionally have the opportunity to inspect your annotated exam in person. You may identify grading errors both electronically and hand-written. We will share a sample solution, but will not offer one-on-one explanations this time round.

We will share with you details on how to submit your claims via CMS as well as on the procedure for the in-person inspection next week.


Best regards, 

Prof. Isabel Valera

Prof. Jilles Vreeken

and the entire EML Team


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