Exam instruction for Tomorrow - Mind the Updated Link

Written on 23.03.2022 13:03 by Miriam Rateike

Dear all,

The re-exam will take place tomorrow, March 24th at the same time as the main exam did (14h-16:30 CET). We updated the Zoom link.

All regulations, instructions and times stay exactly the same as in the main exam. Therefore we refer you to the tab (Information > Exam instructions). Please (re-)read the instructions for doing the exam online or on-site. Importantly, we would like to highlight: please do not use checkered/squared paper (it is really hard to read your answers) and please write your name and matriculation number at the first page of each submitted pdf. We recommend to upload pdfs not zip files.

If you are planning to take the exam online, you can do a test upload to "Fake exam submission Re-exam" until tomorrow 14.00h CET (to test the system). Please note that the submission deadline for the online exam tomorrow is 17h CET sharp, we will not accept late submissions.

Please use the forum, if you have any questions regarding tomorrow's exam.

Good luck for tomorrow,

Your EML Team



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