Exam inspection next week - please read carefullly

Written on 01.03.2022 19:02 by Miriam Rateike

Dear students,

I am happy to inform you that the EML exam inspections will take place next week. I would like to share with you the inspection procedure. Please read this information carefully.

We offer an online exam inspection in which clarifications regarding your scores can be requested. The inspection is not meant for, and we will not share the template solutions. The inspection will be held in four sessions. Each time slot is allocated to one to two problems of the exam and only questions to this problem will be addressed. Please find the times and links to the Zoom meetings below.

Important 1: Once you join the meeting, you will be added to the waiting room. We will consider students on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will admit students to the waiting room for the first two hours of the respective session after which we will lock the meeting (= you cannot join anymore), and continue until all the students had their turn. Please be patient in waiting for your turn and refrain from sending us emails during the inspection asking how long it will take. Be assured that we will attend all students in the waiting room following the procedure described above.

Important 2: When you join the inspection, please enable your video and have your student ID-card ready. To speed up inspection, make sure that you have the digital copy of your exam ready such that you can screen-share it with us.

Please use the following Zoom links to join the inspection:

Tuesday, March 8th 2022 from 9:00-12:00h - Inspection Problem 4 & 5 - join before 11:00h:

Tuesday, March 8th 2022 from 15:00-18:00h - Inspection Problem 1 - join before 17:00h:

Wednesday, March 9th 2022 from 15:00-18:00h - Inspection Problem 2 - join before 17:00h:

Thursday, March 10th 2022 from 15:00-18:00h - Inspection Problem 3 - join before 17:00h:
Best regards,
The EML team

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