Furhter information about the incoming exam

Written on 08.02.2022 14:49 by Adrián Javaloy Bornás

Dear students,

we have updated the main page of the CMS with new information regarding the EML exam, taking place the 24th of February, under the Evaluation section.

For your convenience, below you can find a copy of the updated text:



To be eligible  to participate in the exams, you will need to have cumulatively scored 50% of the points for the theoretical exercises and 50% of the points for the  programming exercises.         

​To participate in the exams, you will need to register at least one week before the exam via the LSF/HISPOS system of Saarland University. If this is not possible, register with us by sending an email with your full name, matriculation number and study program to: eml-ta [at] lists [dot] saarland-informatics-campus [dot] de.     

The final exams will be written and held both online and on-site. All material covered in the lectures, slides, exercises, and required reading is relevant. 

We will release the exam PDF on CMS from 13:50 onward, allowing you to download and possibly print it. The exam officially starts at 14:00. You will have until 16:30 to prepare your solutions. Online participants need to upload the solutions as a ZIP-file to CMS by 17:00 the latest, on-site participants will need to hand in their solutions at 16:30. These are hard deadlines. (If disaster strikes and the CMS were down, we accept solutions by email via eml-ta [at] lists [dot] saarland-informatics-campus [dot] de but only if they reach us by the deadline.)        

The exam will be open book, meaning that you are allowed to consult  the slides, lecture videos, books, etc. We will design the exam, however, such that it strongly favours those that studied over those  that plan to look things up. There is a big difference between  consulting and straight-up copying, and it will come to no surprise that we do not condone plagariasm. Exams are to be done individually.        

You are allowed to write your solutions and derivations on paper using a black or blue pen and may submit a ZIP-file with clearly readable JPG-pictures or PDF-files (e.g., using a  smartphone camera or scanning app) of your answers by the deadline. You may use plain or lined paper, but as it often causes readability issues when digitized, we do not allow squared paper. You are also allowed to write your solutions digitally – for example using LaTeX, Word, or a notepad app on your tablet – and include PDF files of these answers in the ZIP-file.         

While the ZIP-file's name does not matter (CMS automatically renames it), the individual JPG or PDF files within the ZIP-file should be named such that it is immediately clear to which questions they are relevant, e.g. "2424242-exam-q1.jpg",  "2424242-exam-q2,q3a.pdf", "2424242-exam-q3bc.jpg", etc (where 2424242 is your matriculation number). If you submit a single PDF file (instead of a ZIP), no special naming is needed (CMS does it for you).        

Students who are taking the online exam and do not have a smartphone or other option to take a picture of their solutions should let us know as soon as possible via email. Students who take the onsite exam should comply with the current covid-related rules (2G+) and wear an FFP2 mask will be mandatory for the duration of the exam.


Best regards,
The EML Team

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