Registration for the EML exam

Written on 26.01.2022 10:21 by Adrián Javaloy Bornás

Dear EML students,

We would like to inform you that registration in LSF for the EML exam, taking place the 24th of February, is already open. You will be able to register/deregister from LSF until February 17th.

The exam will be open book, meaning that you will be able to consult external resources (such as books and slides, not other students) to help you write the solutions, and you will need to cite those sources in your solutions (just like in the assignments).

Moreover, the exam will be hybrid, offering you the possibility to do the exam in person or online:

  • In-person attendees will have the usual advantages of being in a physical room with us.
  • Online attendees will, of course, also have access to us via Zoom. Additionally, they will have some extra time in order to prepare and submit their solutions through CMS.

Please feel free to reach us via the usual ways (such as the forum) if you have further questions. However, keep in mind that we will clarify most doubts and extra details as we get closer to the exam date.

Best regards,
the TA team

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