Uploaded grades A3 // For A4 write all team member names on submission

Written on 20.01.2022 17:45 by Miriam Rateike

Dear students,

We hope you are all well. This is to inform you that grades of Assignment 3 have been uploaded.

For the next assignment recall:

  • You are required to write all team members' names and matriculation number on each submission sheet of your solutions.
  • Do not use checkered paper.
  • Please check your solution before submitting with the checklist we provide on CMS.

Note, if you have already passed the threshold for being admitted to the exam (you can check this on your CMS), it is not mandatory for you to hand in Assignment 4. However, since the assignments aim to prepare you for the exam, we highly recommend you to submit your solutions anyways.


Thank you,

Your EML Team

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