Python Lectures as Inverted Classrooms

Written on 02.11.2021 13:03 by Joris Nix

Dear students,

due to Prof. Jens Dittrich being ill, we decided to give the Python lectures on Thursday (04.11.21) and on Monday (08.11.21) as inverted classrooms.
This means, you will be given all the necessary materials (recording of the lecture from last year, notebooks, screencasts) beforehand, which serve as a basis for your self-study. We expect you to study this material at your own pace and prepare yourself for two online meetings on Discord at the usual lecture slots on Thursday 12:15 - 14:00 and on Monday 10:15 - 12:00. In these meetings, the so-called LAB, you will be working on hands-on exercises in small study groups under supervision of the tutors. Furthermore, you can use the LAB to ask any questions regarding the underlying material. Of course, you can also use the forum to ask questions while working on the material.

Best regards,

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