Exam Seating Plan & Corona Rules

Written on 22.02.2022 13:07 by Thorsten Klößner

Dear students,

you can now find the seat that has been assigned to you for the upcoming exam on your personal status page in the CMS.

Regarding hygiene regulations during the exam, please note the following:

  • As the precondition to enter Saarland University is to comply with the 3G rule, this is also the precondition to participate in the exam. This may be checked by the University’s security service.
  • The 3G rule means to be completely vaccinated or recovered or having a negative antigen rapid test (valid 24 hours) or a negative PCR test certificate (valid 48 hours).
  • Please note: If you fail to provide the proof of your G status upon request your name will be recorded and you must leave the campus immediately. Your exam will be rated as “failed”.
  • A medical mouth-nose-protection mask (surgical mask or FFP2/KN95/N95 mask) must be worn during the entire exam.
  • Students who have the typical symptoms of SARS-Cov2 disease will not be allowed to take exams. This does not include students who have a negative daytime test result.
  • Students who have had close contact with a Corona-positive person may only participate in examinations and courses in attendance if they can show sufficient vaccination protection (basic immunization not longer than 3 months or booster vaccination) or convalescent status (not older than 3 months) or vaccination protection after recovery and are asymptomatic (see § 4 b Ordinance on Corona Pandemic (VO-CP).
  • Students who are unable to take an examination due to segregation (isolation or quarantine) in accordance with the Ordinance on the Control of the Corona Pandemic (VO-CP) may effectively withdraw from the examinations without receiving a failed attempt. The regulations for withdrawal from examinations of the respective valid examination regulations apply. Proof of the withdrawal must be submitted without culpable hesitation.

Regards, Thorsten Klößner

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