Vote: Lectures in German or English?

Written on 27.10.2021 13:34 by Joerg Hoffmann

Hi all,

as there have been several requests to do the lectures in English, and as Programmierung1 is already given in English, we have decided to put this question -- should the EDSAI lectures be given in German or in English? -- to your vote:

Please enter your preference. The vote will remain open until tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 27) evening. The lectures will be given in whichever language takes the majority in this vote. (You have to enter your name in the poll so that we can check the vote against the registration list in CMS; but of course we will keep this data private)

Unless a clear majority for German emerges within today, the lecture tomorrow (Introduction to AI) will be held in English. You can use this as a trial run to see whether or nor you like English EDSAI lectures.

Note: this is only about the language used in the lectures, not about the tutorials. If there is a need, both German and English tutorials will be offered.

best regards,

Jörg Hoffmann


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