Distributed Systems

Teaching Staff

Instructors: Laurent Bindschaedler, Deepak Garg and Yiting Xia

Teaching assistants (TAs): Qi Guo, Pierfrancesco Ingo, Federico De Marchi, Yiming Lei


Mondays: 12:00-14:00, Wednesdays: 10:00-12:00

Location: Building E 1.3, HS 002 (Note: location until 19.04.2023 was E1.5, 029)

Lectures will also be accessible live via Zoom, but you are strongly encouraged to participate in person since remote participation might be interrupted due to network, audio and video issues.

How to Register

Just start coming to the class and enroll on moodle below! If you want credit points, you have to do the homeworks and register for the final exam in LSF (in June, not now).

Course Content

The entire course content will be available on a moodle page at https://moodle.mpi-sws.org/course/view.php?id=66. You need to enroll for the course to access the non-public content. We will also use moodle for discussions.

Course Description

This course introduces the principles, design, and implementation of distributed systems. The lectures focus primarily on the principles and design of distributed systems, and cover communication, distributed storage, synchronization, fault tolerance, naming, addressing, distributed databases, and distributed security and privacy. A course project exposes students to the implementation aspects of distributed systems and serves to solidify students' understanding of the course material.

Intended Audience / Prerequisites

This core course is open to Bachelor and Master students. Bachelor students must have passed the basic courses on Programming 2 and Math 2, as well as the concurrent programming or alternatively the operating systems course. Proficiency in programming (C/C++) and UNIX development tools (e.g. make, gcc, gdb) is required to successfully complete this course. The language of the course is English. All lectures, office hours, tutorials and communication with the course staff will be conducted exclusively in English.

Further Details

Further details about the course can be found on the moodle link above (after registering as a student) or on the course webpage at https://courses.mpi-sws.org/ds-ss23.

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