Current Topics in Sequence Analysis (Seminar) Prof. Dr. Sven Rahmann


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Current Topics in Sequence Analysis (Seminar)

This seminar builds upon the Special Lecture "Algorithms for Sequence Analysis". It is not advised to attempt to take this seminar if you have not passed the exam of the lecture!

Several original papers about different topics on sequence analysis algorithms are distributed in the first weeks of the semester. These should be carefully read and studied to prepare a written summary. The contents are then presented in a block meeting close to the end of the semester. During the preparatory phase, questions can be asked in person, by email or in virtual meetings.

You cannot register directly for this seminar; you have to go through the Saarland Informatics Campus seminar reservation system. If you are selected for the seminar, you will be registered here by the instructor.

You will then find the relevant materials on the "Materials" page. You must be logged in and registered to view that page.


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