Midterm Exam: Registration & Reminder

Written on 10.06.2024 12:38 by Simon Schwarz

Dear students,

the registration and cheat-sheet deadline for the Midterm exam is today at 23:59.

The exam will happen on Wednesday at 14:00 (s.t. / sharp) in the Günter-Hotz lecture hall. Please arrive a few minutes early to boot your computer. Remember to bring a laptop with the VM installed with you.

Our online judge will have a planned downtime from tomorrow in the late afternoon until shortly before the exam. Please check that you can reach the judge from your VM beforehand. Also, if you want to submit any solutions for past exercise sheets or the mock midterm, please do this until tomorrow afternoon.

Starting Tuesday at noon, you will be able to download your cheat-sheet inside the VM (open the file called important-links.html, click on Cheat-Sheet). You can save your cheat-sheet e.g. on your Desktop.


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