This is a list of possible topics for talks in the seminar. You can choose any topic where there is not yet a participants name attached to it. If you decide on a topic, please let us know by E-Mail: Leon Pernak, Emmanuel Rauzy

The dates of the talk will be noted here as well in due time.

Computability in Algebra

Local decision problems for groups and semigroups

Talk 1: Hannah Zeimetz. (27/06/2023, supervised by Emmanuel Rauzy)

Talk 2: Max Leist. (04/07/2023, supervised by Emmanuel Rauzy)

The Adin-Rabin-Theorem (Global decision problems)  (XX/XX/2023, supervised by ...)

The subgroup membership problem for free groups (XX/XX/2023, supervised by ...)

Computability in Analysis

Computable real numbers Maximilian Tornes (18/07/2023, supervised by Emmanuel Rauzy)

Type 2 theory of effectivity in computable analysis (XX/XX/2023, supervised by Emmanuel Rauzy)

Computability in Logic

Introductory Talk on Model Theory and Quantifier Elimination (XX/XX/2023, supervised by Leon Pernak)

Presburger Arithmetic Egor Gorbachev (20/06/2023, supervised by Leon Pernak)

The Tarski-Seidenberg theorem Robin Lahni (11/07/2023, supervised by Leon Pernak)

Hilbert's Tenth problem (XX/XX/2023, supervised by Emmanuel Rauzy)

Further Topics in Computability Theory

The priority method and Friedberg's solution to Post's problem Haoyi Zeng (13/06/2023, supervised by Emmanuel Rauzy)

Kolmogorov Complexity (06/06/2023, supervised by ...)

Linear Recurrence Sequences (XX/XX/2023, supervised by ...)

The Matrix Mortality Problem (XX/XX/2023, supervised by ...)

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