Groups assigned => start researching! :)

Written on 07.05.2020 11:37 by Maurice Rekrut

Dear all,


registration is closed and the groups are assigned, so it's time to start with the literature research! You can find your topic description as well as all the initial papers to start with here in the CMS on the Materials page.

If you should get into trouble during the process, e.g. not being able to access literature, uncertainty if a paper is a valid scientific source, or if you are not sure if you are looking into the right direction at all, please contact your tutor. As Matthias is currently still on vacation, I assigned myself as tutor for the Motor-Imagery BCI group and you can contact me in case of any questions
Concerning the fact, that a literature research can be cumbersome, confusing and sometimes misleading we would ask you to submit preliminary results of your literature research after 3 weeks from now on at 28th of May here in the CMS. Submission will open on 28th at 00:00 and be opened until 23:59 the same day. Please submit a PDF including a list of all the literature you have collected so far and which you consider relevant for your topic. We will have a look at it and inform you if you are on the right track.

So far, everybody stay healthy and happy researching smiley

The BCI-Team 

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